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We just wanted to thank you for the wonderful food that you catered at our wedding on July 1st.  Everybody loved it & we were able to  have our favorite restaurant for our special day.  I wish all is going well for you and we wish you and Surf Brothers the best of luck.

Kimmy and Dusty

As a health care provider, I recommend Surf Brothers Teriyaki to everyone. The meals have an excellent source of hormone free protein, which is rare to find these days.  Thank you Surf Bros for providing a high protein meal that tastes great.

Dr, Kyle Tetz, DC

Hi I love your food!


I love your New Chicken Sliders… Great Taste, Even Greater Price, they can’t be beat.


I have been a huge fan of Surf Brothers for a long time now. I used to drive to the original location in San Marcos because I loved it so much.

Chris W

NotesThanks for your holiday tips!
May you all have a very blessed Christmas!

My family enjoyed some delicious surf Bros Teriyaki, just last night! We so love your delicious, healthy menu!
Thank You~
Jamie H.

Hay thanks for puting me on the e-mail list! I love your Teri plate!

Rober P.

Dear Amir and Reza:
I have recently returned from a visit to San Diego during the holidays. My sons, David and Blake live in San Diego and my wife and I were there visiting them and the grandchildren over Christmas. One of the things I enjoy most is eating at In N Out while in Southern California. When my son David asked where I would like to have lunch, I told him….you pick it! He did and it was NOT In N Out………but it was TERRIFIC. Surf Brothers Teriyaki was his choice and it was absolutely the………. BEST……….. teriyaki flavored food I have ever eaten

Lewis R.

I went into one of your stores today located at 8935 Towne Center Drive in La Jolla, CA at around 3:15 p.m. I have never been in one of your stores before. The lady behind the counter was extremely friendly and helpful – told me all about your store and even gave me a complimentary drink because I was a first-time guest. The food was AWESOME – the best teriyaki I have tasted in a while – I ordered the combo plate. Fantastic! I will be visiting you guys again and telling all my friends about you!

Richard E.

I’m a frequent customer of your Towne Centre location. Your food is fresh and fast!

Jonathan S.

I recently ate at one of your restaurants and had a fantastic meal

Travis I.

your place would be an overnight sensation in the mid-west. i used to live in escondido and would at the esco. store 2 or 3 times a week. i live in michigan now near the ohio and indiana border. there is no such thing as good teriyaki out here let alone an eatery with your caliber of food in it.

thanks Curt C

hello, was wondering if you sell the fantastic surf brothers sauce via mail. was in sandiego and bought some and am running low. I live in michigan and can’t seem to locate any. let me know. Thanks

Jeff P.

hello, was wondering if you sell the fantastic surf brothers sauce via mail. was in sandiego and bought some and am running low. I live in michigan and can’t seem to locate any. let me know. Thanks

Denise F.

I’d like to know the calories, fat grams and fiber grams in the 3-Slider plate (sliders & rice [white & brown]).  It would be nice to have that information for all your products posted online since you are a Healthy Dining restaurant.  Thanks for your help — I LOVE YOUR FOOD!  🙂


Hey Guys,

I am a native of San Marcos and used to eat at your place pretty often. I now live in Tustin off the 5 freeway in the Tustin/Irvine marketplace and miss your food. Any thoughts of opening a place up here??? I know you would do great and I’d be willing to run the place lol that’s how much I miss it. Let me know if you guys are coming to Orange County.

My family loves your menu. I love your rice and cole slaw but cannot eat that much meat. I would love to see tofu on your menu. Teriyaki Tofu…yum! Thanks for considering it!

Karey G.

The new sliders are very yummy, super cheap, fill you up & tastes great!!!
Love this place 🙂

Brooke B.

Hello, I have a problem that I hope you can solve. I have run out of your sauce and am having withdraws from lack of this fantastic mixture. The issue is that I live in Michigan and it will be a year before I can visit one of your establishments. Is there anyway I could purchase some sauce? I obviously would pay for any shipping and handling charges that would incure. Please, I beg you, Please, let me know one way or another. Thank you, and can’t wait to hear from you,

Jeff P.
My family and I live in the Temecula and Menifee area.  We drive to your Escondido and San Marcos restaurants often.  When my brother comes down from Santa Maria, he always wants to go to Surf Brothers.  Since this area has grown so much over the last few years, how come you don’t open one out here?  I wish I could invest and open one here. I believe it would be very profitable. Just my 2 cents worth!  By the way, I plan on catering from Surf Bros. for my mom and dad’s 57th wedding anniversary coming up on Aug. 15th.

Shirley T.

While my husband was in the Marines we lived in Oceanside, and I worked in Encinitas. We became huge fans of the simple menu you offered, and are wondering if there is any way to get your Teriyaki Sauce shipped to us in Texas?!?  If so Please let me know!!

Thanks, Jamie R.

My boyfriend is from Encinitas 🙂 He recently moved to Cedar Rapids Iowa and we are both missing our surf brother teriyaki sauce in a bottle from your restaurant. Is that something we can buy on line here and have shipped to us here in Iowa? WE MISS your restaurant and your sauce! Please reply at my email address. THANK YOU

this past spring we visited Encinitas and feel in love with Surf Brothers Teriyaki suace! Which we bought a bottle of for futer use…(actually 3)!  Can we please make arrangments to have more sent to us? I would gladly give you payment information for the product and shipping. PLEASE reply back to this message with further info. THANKS!
Sandi H.

Is your Poway location open yet???? I saw it last week! When does it open? I’m so excited!


Can you ship a couple of bottles to my son in Texas?  He has run out of his suupply!!

Ellen H.

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sharon beckas

I wish the mapquest would show what other buildings/banks/stores you are near. or the bus route. It says you are in the Longs drug stores but they are no longer in san diego.



all i want to tell you guys is that i love your food… it is simple and sooo good. recently i started my diet and your food is helping me alot to stay in shap i so far have lost 20 pounds thank you..



Lisa - Office Assistant

I order the catering for a weekly meeting in our office which serves 20-30 people. Surf Brothers has been in our restaurant rotation for a while now, and is always enjoyed. Easy to set-up, easy to serve, and the leftovers never go to waste. However, when I found out that they switched to a different meat presentation (sliced instead of skewered), I was worried. This is a very picky (and healthy)group of individuals. I even called the store prior to question [complain] a bit. Despite my concerns, I ordered and am VERY relieved to say that it went over very well… maybe even better. The sliced meat was much easier to serve, and easier for everyone to try a little bit of each meat. ( I always order chicken, beef, and don buri meat). I personally really liked the chicken, but still prefer the steak on the skewer… but really… the sliced steak was just different… the flavor was still good. I even had a couple of the guys come up to me and say, “This is my favorite!” (they rarely do that) Go figure.



My wife took me there as a surprise and looked at the menu and my jaw dropped, you have to be kidding, the menu is so small, anyway, after ordering chicken & one bite I was sold, this place is the bomb, check it out, you’ll love it as well.


Linda Moore

I absolutely love this place, the food is amazing the staff is always pleasant.


Bob LaPointe

If you are looking for an affordable, very healthy, meal for lunch or dinner, and catering for all occasions in North San Diego County, look no further. With seven locations, Surf Brothers Teriyaki, is a “best in class” restaurant and catering service that provides a great alternative to all the typical food choices that if you are like me you find boring and unhealthy. I frequent the Carlsbad location and must say that if I am hungry and driving by, Surf Brothers is for me for quick and friendly service. No doubt the best teriyaki I’ve ever had!


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