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Surf Brothers Teriyaki is one of the Tastiest San Marcos Restaurants

Our San Marcos Surf Brothers Teriyaki Location is Permanently Closed 

Please Visit our Carlsbad Location Only A Few Minutes Away At

2708 Loker Ave. West
Carlsbad, CA 92010

Phone: 760-459-7973 Option #3

Mon-Fri 10:30am – 9pm | Sat-Sun 10:30a

Our San Marcos Surf Brothers Teriyaki Location is Closed
After almost 10 years, the San Marcos Surf Brothers Teriyaki is closed.  The San Marcos Surf Bros had a good run, but our family had a make a difficult business decision and we unfortunately decided that we needed to close this location.  There were several factors that got us to make this decision and believe me, it was very difficult for us to do.As I write this, I can remember the nervousness and excitement when we first got the keys to the store more than nine years ago.  Our family was venturing into new territory and San Marcos welcomed us with open arms.   It was from San Marcos we got the drive and energy to expand in other parts of  San Diego.  For that, San Marcos and all of my guests, will not be forgotten.


With that being said, I want to let all of my customers know that we are still going strong and that our other locations are still close by to get your Surf Bro Fix.  We have a location on Palomar Airport Road at 2708 Loker Avenue, in Carlsbad (760-929-1313),  that is still available and we have one in Escondido at 1032 West Valley Parkway (760-735-2838).  We of course have our original location in Encinitas and a location in La Jolla, if you’re in that part of town.As we make the transition to close one of our locations, I want to let our San Marcos customers  know that we are looking for another place to move in San Marcos. It’s not the end for us in San Marcos, it might just be a new start.  As we move forward, we’ll keep you up to date with any upcoming news.  It might not be for a while, but I’ll be on a look out for a new spot soon!

Thank you again for everything that all of you have done for us!  Although we are a little dot in a big city we call San Diego, all of your love and support has put us on the map in this City!  If you need anything or have any questions, feel free to email me back!   If you live in San Marcos and would like us to cater your birthday, wedding, company party, or anything else, keep in mind we are just a phone call away at (760) 459-7973.  You can also go to to place an order online. For everyone else in San Diego, the number and the website mentioned works for you too 🙂

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.

See you at Surf Brothers soon




Amir Karkouti
Surf Brothers Teriyaki

If your looking for delicious Teriyaki in San Marcos Restaurants look no further.

Surf Brothers first opened up their door in 1997.  It is conveniently located on the corner of San Marcos Blvd and Ranch Santa fe across San Marcos High School.   If you are driving on highway 78 or in the Carlsbad Business district looking for one of the healthiest San Marcos Restaurants, stop by and our friendly staff will take care of you.

Surf Brothers Teriyaki is one of the Healthiest San Marcos Restaurants.

Surf Brothers takes pride in serving only the freshest teriyaki chicken and highest quality USDA Choice teriyaki steak.  Many compliments they receive is from customers walking and noticing the scent of teriyaki glaze being charbroiled on the chicken and steak.  We are one of few San Marcos restaurants that can serve you a charbroiled hawaiin plate lunch that is fresh and tasty faster than you can get your drink!  And not are we only known for the best teriyaki chicken and steak, most loyal customers rave about our famous homemade teriyaki sauce.

Next time you are in the neighborhood and are looking for a quick and tasty San Marcos restaurant, stop by or simply go to Surf Brothers Online Ordering.

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Surf Brothers Teriyaki is one of the best San Marcos Restaurants.