San Diego tailgate catering

Surprise Yourself and Your Friends With Delicious Hawaiian San Diego Tailgate Catering

(we do not offer meals for $4.99 or skewers anymore. This is a vintage video)

Surf Brothers Teriyaki is a San Diego restaurant and caterer that’s been in the business of providing its customers with quality food and outstanding service for the past 20 years. If you’re thinking about holding a fun event at a local concert, sports event, church gathering, or just a neighborhood get-together, then tailgate catering might just be exactly what you’re looking for. Instead of spending countless hours buying, planning, and preparing food for a large-scale party off the back of mini-vans and pick up trucks, instead you can spend ten minutes on the phone with Surf Brothers Teriyaki. We’ll help you plan out the event, food selection, tell you how much to buy, and then just set up your date, time, and location and we’ll drop by and deliver it straight to your car! The days of poor-quality fast food and hours of time spent preparing homemade dishes are finally over. For an absurdly inexpensive price, we can set you up with a fantastic dinner for yourself and all your friends. To make things even better, you won’t have to even worry about all the time spent cleaning the mess up, because our tailgate catering is turn key; so no worrying about long prep-times or messy clean-ups!

Some Frequently Asked San Diego Tailgate Catering Questions

  • Question: My friends and I are going to a concert and would love to have some delicious food delivered at great prices. The concert venue is rather far away from the area, and I’m not sure if you would be able to deliver to a location that is so far away?
  • Answer: As long as you reach our minimum $100 delivery amount, we are always happy to deliver to any San Diego location.
  • Question: My time has recently become very limited due to work and taking care of my children and I don’t want to have to spend hours cleaning everything up. Is there any way you could help?
  • Answer: Surf Brothers Teriyaki delivers food that is already hot and sealed away inside of recyclable and fully disposable containers. All you have to do for your San Diego tailgate catering catering is put them out on tables, and when the event is over, throw it away, so cleanup and setup combined should never take more than just a few minutes.
  •  Question: I’d love to do business with you guys, so what’s the easiest way to place an order?
  • Answer: If you’d like to place an order, then just call us at 1-760-459-7973 and we can set your San Diego tailgate catering up in a matter of minutes!
  • Question: I can’t wait for my tailgate party, and I’ve already called you up, but I’m just unsure how much food I should actually order for my event. Can you help me out?
  • Answer: Absolutely! We’ve been in the business for 20 years, and if you tell us how many guests are coming, we can easily tell you exactly how much you should order, and can answer any other catering specific questions you might have.


How To Organize Your San Diego tailgate catering

When it comes to planning your San Diego tailgate catering, you should know that the most important step will always be organization. Get down as much about your party on paper as you can. Any kind of San Diego catering, corporate catering, holiday catering or event catering should always involve lots of proper planning. Try to write down everything you can think of. What kind of music do you want your San Diego tailgate catering party to feature? Where will you put the table for people to get their food from? Will there be shade or seats for people to enjoy their food and drinks at while socializing? Make sure to take all of these little details into account before the big day arrives, and you definitely won’t regret it.

Surf Brothers Teriyaki can Deliver any catering event to these San Diego cities:

· Cardiff
· Cardiff-by-the-Sea
· Carlsbad
· Chula Vista
· Coronado
· Del Mar
· El Cajon
· Encinitas
· Escondido
· Fallbrook
· Hillcrest
· Imperial
· Imperial Beach
· La Mesa
· Lakeside
· Lemon Grove
· Leucadia
· Mission Bay
· National City
· Oceanside
· Pacific Beach
· Point Loma
· Poway
· Ramona
· Rancho Bernardo
· Rancho Santa Fe
· San Diego
· San Marcos
· San Ysidro
· Santee
· Solana Beach
· Spring Valley
· Valley Center
· Vista


Basic San Diego San Diego tailgate catering Tips

No matter what type of event you’re planning, if it’s birthday catering, Christmas catering, or just a party with food delivery, you’re going to need to know how to go about organizing it. Once you have a list of everything you want to achieve, you’re going to want to try to make sure that everything flows smoothly. How do you go about doing this? It’s as simple as talking to your San Diego caterer. Let us know everything that you want to achieve, and we’ll try our absolute hardest to make your San Diego catering wishes come true. San Diego tailgate catering works the same as any other style, so just let us know everything you want to see happen, and we’ll make sure it does. You want cold drinks for long periods of time, we’ll bring extra ice. You want shade, and we’ll tell you the best place to rent umbrellas. Just tell us what you want, and we’ll make it happen.

Surf Brothers Teriyaki Can Provide Any One of These Zip Codes With Excellent San Diego Catering and Food Delivery

We will gladly offer our fresh catering menu to these zip codes and if you don’t see your zip code listed here please contact us to discuss Surf Brothers Teriyaki catering menu to other locations:

92007, 92008, 92009, 92010, 92011, 92013, 9018, 91909, 91910, 91911, 91912, 91913, 91914, 91915, 91921, 92118, 92178, 92014, 92019, 92020, 92021, 92022, 92023, 92024, 92025, 92026, 92027, 92029, 92030, 92046, 92033, 92028, 92088, 92251, 91932, 91933, 91941, 91942, 91943, 91944, 92040, 91945, 91946, 91950, 91951, 92049, 92051, 92052, 92054, 92055, 92056, 92057, 92058, 92109, 92064, 92074, 92065, 92128, 92067, 92091, 92101, 92102, 92103, 2104, 92105, 92106, 92107, 92108, 92109, 92110, 92111, 92112, 92113, 92114, 92115, 92116, 92117, 92118, 92119, 92120, 92121, 92122, 92123, 92124, 92126, 92127, 92128, 92129,
92130, 92131, 92131, 92134, 92135, 92137, 92138, 92139, 92140, 92142, 92143, 92145, 92147, 92149, 92150, 92152, 92153, 92154, 92155, 92158, 92159, 92160, 92161, 92162, 92163, 92164, 92165, 92166, 92167, 92168, 92169, 92170, 92171, 92172, 92173, 92174, 92175, 92176, 92177, 92178, 92179, 92182, 92184, 92186, 92187, 92190, 92191, 92192, 92193, 92194, 92195, 92196, 92197, 92198, 92199, 92069, 92078, 92079, 92096, 92143, 92173, 92071, 92072, 92075, 91976, 91977, 91978, 91979, 92082, 92083, 92081, 92084, 92085

Let Us Know About Your San Diego tailgate catering Experience

Our absolute, number-one priority for business is that you get the best service you can find and for the best prices. We want you to enjoy the food we serve, and to never feel trapped into any agreement or with any San Diego caterer, so for this reason we ask that if there is anything that you found wrong with our service, to please let us know so we can work to correct it. Let us know how we did, and if you feel that you would like to let others know about your San Diego tailgate catering experience with us, we would be thrilled if you submitted something to the testimonial section of our website.  San Diego Tailgate Catering that is Fresh and Healthy.