Make your Holidays a hit with our Fresh and Tasty Holiday Catering

Let Surf Brothers Teriyaki make it your best  Holiday Catering ever!

Never worry about the food again when you let us be your Holiday Catering restaurant.

Your busy with your holiday shopping, work parties and preparing to invite all your friends and family to your own holiday party and are running out of time.  We know how stressful the holidays can be but with Surf Brothers Teriyaki Holiday Catering, you will never worry about the food or the party again.

We know what it takes to be one of the best and healthiest restaurants and with over 19 years of Holiday catering, all you have to worry about if you have ordered enough delicious teriyaki chicken and steak.   You deserve to enjoy your holidays and never worry about the food again.

Some Frequently Asked Holiday Catering Questions:

  • Question: Your food is always fresh and delicious but how healthy is it?
  • Answer: We are a family owned and operated restaurant and we take pride that we don’t just serve the tastiest teriyaki chicken and steak, but also are one of the healthiest local restaurants.  We serve only the freshest and highest quality USDA Choice Steak, trimmed of all fats, marinaded in a fresh non-fat ginger sauce and grilled on a charbroiled to perfection.   Finally your can enjoy your holiday party the healthy way.
  • Question: I am having a large number of guests over for the holidays and don’t feel like cleaning up.  How can your Surf Bros help me with the clean-up?
  • Answer: What clean-up?  With Surf Brothers Teriyaki holiday catering there is nothing to clean-up.  Everything is easily served and disposable so you can spend more time with your guests.

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one of the healthiest Holiday catering restaurantWe as one of the healthiest Holiday Catering and restaurants.