We can take care of all your Christmas Catering needs & food delivery

Let Surf Brothers Teriyaki make your Christmas Catering a hit.

Surf Brothers Teriyaki Christmas Catering will take care of all your catering needs so you can for once relax and enjoy the holidays.

Surf Brothers Teriyaki is one of the best fresh and healthy restaurants.  With over 19 years of delivering healthy and delicious food to Christmas parties, you will finally let a family owned and operated restaurant take care of the holidays.   We have 7 pick up locations or simply call us or order online for  food delivery to your doorsteps.  And the best part is that you don’t have to clean anything up.  Our Christmas Catering is easy to clean up with disposable serving platters, utensils and plates.

Some Frequently Asked Christmas Catering questions:

  • Question: If I can’t pick up the Christmas Catering, can you food delivery it to me?
  • Answer: Even though we have 4  pick up locations to choose from and you can’t pick up your food, we will gladly food deliver it to your doorsteps for a small fee.
  • Question: The holidays are one of the busiest time for us, how can Surf Brothers Teriyaki healthy and tasty food service make it easy for me this holiday season?
  • Answer: We totally understand that the holidays can be overwhelming and the last thing on your mind should be the food when you can let us take care of everything.  And the best part is there is nothing to clean up.  Everything is disposable for quick and easy clean up.  Simply call 760-459-7973 visit any of our 4 Restaurants.
  • Question: I would like to order food for my Christmas party, who should I contact?
  • Answer: Simply go to our website online page and click on ORDER ONLINE, you can visit any of our healthy restaurants or call toll free 1-760-459-7973 and a Christmas Catering coordinator will take your order down and answer any catering questions you might have.
  • Question: I know how many guests are showing up but don’t know exactly how much to order.  Can Surf Brothers Teriyaki help me out with how much to order ?
  • Answer: We would love to help and setup the food with your Christmas party or any holiday event.  Simply call toll free 1-760-459-7973 or call  and visit any of the4 restaurants to help you out in person.

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Surf Brothers Teriyaki one of the best Christmas Catering and San Diego CatererSurf Brothers Teriyaki is one of the best healthy and delicious Christmas Catering restaurants.