How To Find a San Diego Caterer For a Huge Event!

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Beginning Your San Diego Caterer Search

Finding a San Diego caterer for a huge event is pretty similar to finding them for any other type.  You’d be surprised how delighted a San Diego caterer can be to work with large orders.  The more you buy, the bigger profit they make, and the more attention and respect they will show your party, so it’s pretty much an all around gain.  Sometimes, though, local caterers will be physically unable to provide you with the amount of food and trained staff that your event will require, and when this happens is when things start to get tricky.  To find a caterer willing enough to supply your event with food, start off by checking places with more expensive advertisement.  For example, don’t search the Penny Saver for a big-event San Diego caterer, instead look for half page adds in the yellow pages.  Just make sure you don’t just rule out the others, get to them in later searches.  The most important thing when you’re looking for a San Diego caterer, is to widen your search.  Compare prices, reviews, service and taste of all prospective caterers very thoroughly before making any decisions.  You’d be surprised how an extra hour of searching could save you hundreds of dollars, especially with big events like this.

Planning Your San Diego Caterer Interviews

Understand that no matter what San Diego caterer you end up deciding to go for, it’ll be important that you conduct an in-depth and personal interview with an owner or manager long before ever making any agreements.  There are definitely client strategies to be paying attention to here, and some of them could end up saving you bundles of money.  First of all, make sure you have everything you hope your party to be written down so you can go over some of the key points with your San Diego caterer and make sure that they are able to help you with absolutely every angle of the finished product.  Next, go into menu planning.  Understand that your caterer has been in this business for likely many years, and to them this is just a job–so cut straight to business.  Ask about price right away, and try to wheel and deal for the best possible deal.  Ask your caterer about discounts, or if they offer any special deals on renting out furniture, tables, silverware, etc.  Some of these small things can really end up costing you, so it’s good to at least try for a better deal.

Giving Your San Diego Caterer a Call

When it comes time to choose a caterer, we hope that you find one that’s perfect for you.  But just remember…..  That Surf Brothers Teriyaki is a San Diego caterer you can trust with those big events, and the constantly mouth watering menus.San Diego caterer for any event size

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