Healthy Poway Catering serving delicious Teriyaki for food delivery

Come Check out our Brand New Poway Catering Location in the Heart of Poway!

Our New Poway Catering location is a hit with the Poway Community…See why below!

After over 19 years in business with 5 San Diego Catering Locations,  we have finally Opened our long awaited Poway Catering location.  We are in the heart of Poway in the Ultra Star Movie Theater right next to Starbucks. Our New Poway catering location is one of the best places for incredible Poway catering.  We offer food that is not only healthy, delicious, award winning, but our food won’t break the bank! We had tons of poway residents telling us to open and we finally listened and it’s been a hit!  Our new Poway restaurant and Poway catering location is getting rave reviews already!

Get a unique meal at Surf Brothers and a Turn-Key Poway Catering for Any Event!

Here are some things to now about our Poway Catering Locations at Surf Brothers Teriyaki:

  • No matter where you are located, Our Poway Catering can deliver to your home or office, on time and fresh… Guaranteed!
  • Easy Clean up: Look, we know that nobody wants to clean up after eating delicious, made from scratch food.  We’ll set up your poway catering for easy serving.  To make it even better…everything is disposable so you don’t need to worry about bringing anything back! It’s a complete Turn-Key Poway Catering!
  • AN AMAZING CORPORATE SPECIAL:  It’s no Secret; everyone got hit by the economy, especially Poway Business Parks. So to make it easier for you, we’ve created a $4.99‘Corporate Package’ especially for our Poway catering customers to make it easy on your wallet. We assure you that our top quality will be a tasty catering your staff will LOVE! (Ask a Surf Bro staff about it!)
  • We Cater Any Size Home or  Office: We can create a poway catering at your home or  Office of 10, all the way to 1,000! Just tell us the size and we’ll do the rest!  (Your friends and staff will think your a genius!)
  • We are a Local Family Business: Listen, we work and live here, so we take pride in everything we do to make sure your  Poway Catering is a HIT!
  • 19 Years Experience:This isn’t our first Rodeo, so you can count on us to have everything done Right the first time.
  • It’s Guaranteed! Your food will be juicy, fresh, piping hot or you pay NOTHING…How ‘bout that for a Guarantee!

Go to or call any of our 7 locations for more Info. Come by any of our restaurant locations and try us out. We promise you this is be one of the best tasting meals you will eat at any of the Poway Catering locations!

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Delicious Poway Catering corporate business lunch meetingWe are a healthy and delicious Poway Catering restaurant.