Healthy Carlsbad Catering and food delivery for Business & Families

Our Carlsbad Catering Location is the Epi-Center for Business and Social Event Caterings!

Our Carlsbad Catering Location is an Award winning restaurant and catering location for Business Executives

In the city of Carlsbad, we are located in the center of hundreds of businesses who request us on a daily basis to deliver to their business meetings, business lunch , corporate functions and corporate events.  If you need to pick up your Carlsbad catering lunch from us, feel free to call us and let us know when your going to drop by.   We have satisfied many business catering in the area. Our Carlsbad Catering location is located conveniently in the corner of Palomar Airport Road and El Camino Real.  This is our 3rd location and this is our busiest store for our Carlsbad Catering location!

What makes Our busiest Carlsbad Catering Location better than any other place in Carlsbad:

Here are some things to know about our Carlsbad Catering Location at Surf Brothers Teriyaki:

  • No matter where you are located, Our local restaurant can deliver to your home or office, fresh and right when you needed… Guaranteed! We’ve catered small local offices down the street to Fortune 500 companies such as FED-EX and Callaway Golf in Carlsbad!  No catering is too big or too small for Surf Brothers Teriyaki!
  • Easy Set up & Clean up: Look, we know that nobody wants to clean up after eating delicious, homemade food.  We’ll set up your Carlsbad catering for easy serving and Clean up.  Everything is disposable so you don’t need to worry about bringing anything back! It’s a complete Turn-Key Carlsbad Catering!  We promise your guests and staff will be raving about the food…(and your amazing food choice!)
  • WE HAVE AN AMAZING CORPORATE SPECIAL:  It’s no Secret; everyone got hit by the economy, especially Carlsbad Business Parks. So to make it easier for you, we’ve created a $4.99 ‘Corporate Package’ especially for our Carlsbad catering customers to make it easy on your wallet. We assure you that our top quality fresh and delicious Teriyaki chicken and USDA Choice Steak will be a tasty, that your staff will LOVE! (Ask a Surf Bro staff about it!)
  • We Cater Any Size Home or  Office: We can create a Carlsbad catering anywhere you live or work…at any size!  That’s right… we can create an amazing Carlsbad Catering at your home or  Office of 10, all the way to 1,000! Just tell us the size and we’ll do the rest!  (Your friends and staff will think your a genius!)  Just go online and place your order or call a catering consultant at 1-855-Surf-Bro and we’ll help you asap!
  • We are a Local Family Business: Listen, we work and live here, so we take pride in everything we do to make sure your  event party is a HIT!
  • We have over 20 Years of Experience:This isn’t our first rodeo at creating a fabulous Carlsbad Catering, so you can count on us to have everything done Right…the first time.
  • It’s Guaranteed! Your food will be juicy, fresh, piping hot or you pay NOTHING…How ‘bout that for a Guarantee!

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Go to or call any of our 7 restaurants for more info. Come by any of our restaurant locations and try us out. Thank you to everyone that has made our healthy restaurant  a hit for over 4 years!

Healthy Carlsbad Catering and one of the Best Carlsbad RestaurantsHealthy and delicious Carlsbad Catering by Surf Brothers Teriyaki Restaurant.