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BBQ Catering by Healthy and Affordable Surf Brothers Teriyaki


If you are looking for a catering restaurant who offers only the best Catering BBQ Menu in San Diego and surrounding areas, look no futher.  Surf Brothers serves tasty chicken and juicy sirloin steak.  We take pride in the quality of catering food that we serve our customers for over 20 years.

BBQ Catering that makes your mouth water


We begin with our wholesalers delivering the highest quality fresh chicken and sirloin steak on daily basis.  We trim all the fats from the meat to give our  customers only the leanest cuts for maximum taste.  After trimming the fat we marinate all meats for at least 24 hours in our own homemade teriyaki marinate that has been in our family since the beginning.  Then right before the bbq catering we char-broil the chicken and steak at high temperature to serve only the juiciest bbq catering our customers deserve.  All BBQ catering dishes can be picked up or delivered to you catering event.  Simply go online at or call us at 760-459-7973 to speak to discuss the Catering BBQ Menu.  We love taking care of our customers.


Picking a good BBQ catering restaurant


Before choosing a restaurant that specializes in BBQ Catering California, make sure to ask them a few questions.  You want your catering event to go as smooth as possible. First, do they have a catering cordinator that can help you with your Catering BBQ Menu.  If the customer service is not up to your standards, then imagine how bad the quality of the food may be.  Surf Brothers takes pride in our customer service.  Second, does the caterer or restaurant have the proper BBQ Catering Equipment.  BBQ catering takes special skill and equipment.  It must be very and the char broiler must have the ability to cook a large amount of food at the same time in order to keep up with a large bbq catering.  If a caterer cooks too small of food at a time, the caterer will take too much time and possibly make the food cold before the catering event.

Some of our San Diego Catering and Restaurant facts:

If you like to pick up your bbq catering you can pick from 5 locations in these cities:


We always encourage people to go online and visit or simply google the term bbq catering to get better ideas on how you can cater you event.  There are many blogs including san diego catering blog that can help you with you event.  You can get many catering ideas from setup to how to invite guests to prepping and cleaning up.  We offer a hassle free bbq catering.  All you have to do is order you catering, we set it up for you and cleaning is very easy.  Just throw away all plates, utensils and catering dishes.


 BBQ Catering contact info:

To get your event started, simply call us at 760-459-7973 and one of the owners will pick up the phone or go to to fill out an online order.   The online ordering takes only a few minutes to setup.  You will need to input your name, address, payment info, your order, time and date, and if its going to be a catering pickup order or food delivery.


BBQ Catering setup:

Before you pick up the food or have it delivered, make sure you have already setup tables were we can set the bbq catering on.  You must make extra space available for plates, forks, napkins, drinks, and condiments such as teriyaki sauce, bbq sauce and ketchup.  We always recommend using clean fresh table cloth.  The catering tables should be aligned for easy of serving your guests.  Always have extra napkins around.  Most guests take more napkins than they need.  A bucket of ice should be set underneath the table to keep refreshments ice cold.  Also keep a garbage pale nearby for convenient access after guests are done to dispose their plates.  For very large event such as 300 or more catering guests, we recommend a loud bell or microphone to let everybody know that their bbq catering food is ready to be enjoyed and that they need to form a single file line.  It is never fun when there is chaos around the food.

bbq catering

BBQ Catering for any kind of event:

It does not matter if you are in need of a wedding catering, corporate catering, holiday catering, birthday catering, thanksgiving catering, event catering, or tailgate catering, as long as there are guests to be feed, bbq catering is a perfect choice to have.