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Surf Brothers Teriyaki, San Diego Caterer, Food DeliverySurf Brothers Teriyaki is NOT Your Ordinary San Diego Caterer and Restaurant!

We been open for over 19 Years as a San Diego Caterer and Healthy Restaurants…Let Us Show You our Story

Our Surf Brothers Teriyaki Story and becoming a top San Diego caterer!

Many don’t know our humble beginnings from  a single store in Encinitas to an Award Winning Restaurant Chain and Top San Diego Caterer.  Here is our story….

After Graduating high school, Reza had a dream of starting a restaurant that would be the most amazing, fresh and delicious San Diego Caterer with the best teriyaki chicken and steak!

The Beginning of Surf Brothers and aspiring San Diego Caterer…

After borrowing some  money from family and friends, Reza and his father opened up a “hole in a wall” restaurant by the name Tokyo’s Teriyaki in November of 1992. Struggling with no funds to advertise and being completely unknown to Encinitas, Tokyo’s Teriyaki (now Surf Brothers Teriyaki) became a local hot spot for awesome grub and a top San Diego Caterer only through word of mouth. Word spread because Reza and his father would pay attention to every single customer making sure every plate served was the most delicious teriyaki plate customers would ever have.

The Restaurant and San Diego Caterer reputation Grows…

As their San Diego caterer reputation grew outside of Encinitas, customers from other cities asked them to open up in their neighboorhood. Looking to expand, Reza’s younger brother Amir joined the family San Diego caterer business after graduating from La Costa Canyon high school in 1997 and opened up their second location in San Marcos and changed their name to Island Brothers Teriyaki.

We have the best quality Catering in the industry and we have had that since 1992!  We have also received several awards for our outstanding food!

With a new name, Surf Brothers Teriyaki and seven locations, Reza and his family have not forgotten their original roots, passion and loyalty to their customers.  Nothing in respect to the quality has changed since their opening.  We still pride ourselves with these unique qualities:

Some Things you might not have known from this small restaurant and Top San Diego Caterer

  • Our chicken and beef is natural and minimally processed. We have some of the highest quality meats in the restaurant and food delivery industry.
  • Our staff preps the food each and everyday. Although our high quality meats are already lean, we go a step further and trim our meats until all you are getting is high quality meats by your favorite healthy caterer.
  • We do not use short cuts at any of our store. What that means is, we do not use frozen foods, microwaves or processed meats.  We want to make our food just like you would make it at home!
  • Although you receive your food in about 15 seconds, the prepping takes about 30-45 minutes! We also cook in small batches so you are getting the freshest possible food at anytime of the day and especially large events!
  • Our food is featured in HealthyDiningFinder.com which let’s our customers know that we strive to offer our customers with healthy dining choices.
  • We have been featured numerous television and radio shows and have also been written up in papers such as The Union Tribune, San Diego Business Journal, North County Times and other publications for being an excellent San Diego Caterer.
  • We have been AOL’s Best Eats 4 Years in a row.

Hope you enjoyed the story of our Restaurants and how we became one of the top San Diego Caterer.


The Surf Bro’s

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Surf Brothers Teriyaki is one of the best and healthiest San Diego Caterer.